May 2018 Spending

I’ve been tracking our spending for a bit now. Recently, I totaled up everything for 2017 and was surprised at the results. And if you tallied up your spending, you would be similarly surprised – which is why you should do it.

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Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Fisker

I just read [amazon_textlink asin=’145360121X’ text=’Early Retirement Extreme’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’jonluskin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cdbb5bdb-70a6-11e8-8733-7fcf6011c191′] by Jacob Fisker. It wasn’t bad. Here are a few thoughts on  Continue reading “Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Fisker”

Cap Rate and the 2% Rule

According to the 2% rule (for the rent-to-cost ratio), the cap rate of a property (assuming expenses are 50% of gross rent), should be 12%. I think that makes sense. And it makes me understand why the 2% rule is the 2% rule. As in, you should be getting a 12% cap rate. This point is so important, it bears repeating:

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