Let Them Eat Pie

I’ve been making a bunch of pies lately – mostly because I need it. And I can share one take-away: give me corn starch or give me death.

I have been constantly been using cornstarch across every pie lately – and the results have been great. If a recipe doesn’t call for corn starch, I use a bunch of it. And if it does call for corn starch, I use even more. If the filing calls for flour, I substitute it for cornstarch – and then use even more cornstarch.

It’s been my experience that most recipes doesn’t use enough cornstarch. And that flour is a poor substitute for cornstarch. But, that’s my preference, because I don’t want the pieĀ innards flopping all over the place.

I hope you enjoy the photos of pie!

Super Rye Session IPA

I’m sure you’ve seen these before: Rye IPA. Rye IPA are distinctive for their red color, and what’s noted as a spicy character. I’ve tried a couple Red or Rye IPAs in my day, and haven’t really been impressed. I’ve never really noticed the distinctive “pepper” finish that beer geeks wax poetic about. (This includes a previous batch of rye session IPA homebrew.) So, enter my attempt to brew a Rye IPA so I can finally figure out what all this peppery finish stuff is all about. Why will my own particular homebrew version of a Rye IPA make the difference in me distinguishing all those features that a rye beer? I’m using 50% rye in my grain bill. (The last iteration was just 16% rye.)

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Chocolate Coconut Milk Stout #3

Using Milk Sugar

This is my first experiment using milk sugar in a brew – to ultimately create a milk stout. Milk sugar can be either added at bottling or during the boil process. I elected for the latter, but may consider doing the latter in the future. (Edit: I’ll definitely be adding milk sugar at bottling going forward. This will leave more room in the primary fermenter for the wort.)

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