About Me


When not writing about home brewing, I’m practicing financial planning and investment management at Define Financial.

define_logo_full_LRWhen not doing super nerdy stuff, I tend to cycle on and off through the same set of hobbies:

•  sometimes successfully brewing beer at home

•  being terrible at basketball

•  trying to beat my time on Torrey Pines inside on Strava

•  perfecting brisket and beef back ribs on my Traeger smoker

•  teaching safe cycling skills to the youth & adults of San Diego with the San Diego Bicycle Coalition

2016-07-26 20.55.31
I’m not just a finance nerd – I’m a bicycle safety nerd too!

•  trying not to get beat up too terribly at Jiu Jitsu

•  chasing leopard sharks at La Jolla Cove

•  crashing while mountain biking

•  camping & hiking

•  fostering extremely stubborn dogs via Second Chance Dog Rescue

If You Have A Viscous Killer Attach Dog, You Should Consider Umbrella Insurance
If You Have A Viscous Killer Attack Dog, You Should Consider Umbrella Insurance

If you have a question about financial planning (and you’re an employee of the Big Four), shoot me an e-mail at jon@DefineFinancial.com. If you’re interested in working with me at Define Financial, you can learn more here.