Life Goals

When I first started this blog, my intent was to house some posts for another website that was going the way of the dodo bird. I didn’t want that content to disappear forever (even if no one ever ended up reading it) because I had put in considerable time into writing up that content. (It was for some homebrew recipes.) After creating my own online space for homebrew experimentation, I then branched out into BBQ, and then of course baking. So, the blog then became a place “experiments in the culinary arts.”* Continue reading “Life Goals”

Beef Back Ribs 12.2.17

Today, I’m doing beef back ribs.

The Prep

Per a trick I’ve learned from a local San Diego BBQ, I’ve cut out the bone of every other rib. This means that each serving – or bone – is substantially meaty.

There is a cath. And that is I might end up with slightly dryer ribs. Of course, it also means more bark, which means more smoke flavor.

Cook Time

I’m setting the smoker at a target 225. Again, this Traeger wood pellet smoker I’m using tends to jump higher in temp. So, by setting the smoker at 225, I’ll likely be cooking often at 250.

I’ll spraying the ribs with apple cider vinegar once, an hour in, at what I’m planning will be halfway through the cook.

The Verdict

Were the ribs too dry? Was there too much bark? Were the ribs too smoky or not smokey enough?

The cook went for two hours. The ribs were cooked, but they could have been more tender. Perhaps I’ll try a three hour cook. The ribs certainly were not too smokey. And they weren’t too dry.