Citra Session

The inspiration for this recipe is leftovers. Frank left a whole bag (1 oz.) of Citra hops in my fridge. I needed to put them to good use. Enter the Citra Session IPA.

The Malt

I went with a session for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve been drinking a ton of beer lately because of our homebrewing adventures. So, I wanted something that wasn’t a big commitment – in terms alcohol, calories, or cost. Yay, session beers! It’s the Coors Light of IPAs.


There are no add-ins for this beer – just lots of hops. And only one of it: Citra. And Citra is amaizng. It reeks of orange and melon and sweetness. The hop is so good that it deserves it’s own beer. A whole ounce of Citra hops will be used for this brew – used both a bittering hops and flavoring hops – little Citra hops pellets will used at the begining at the boil and dry hopped seven days into fermentation.


As mentioned in other posts, we’re still tweaking our brewing process. For this brew, we came in relatively close to our target original gravity. We got an actual of 1.040 to a target of 1.038. The difference is negligible. The final gravity also had a negligible difference, with a final gravity of 1.010 vs. a target of 1.007. I can only hypothesize that fermentation conditions were not perfect – hence the lack of complete fermentation. This is despite leaving the beer in the secondary fermenter an additional three days over the traditional two weeks.

Maybe it's reader error, but it looks like we've got a final gravity of 1.010.
Maybe it’s reader error, but it looks like we’ve got a final gravity of 1.010.

Bottling – 1/29/16

Sampling the beer at bottling (the same time when taking FG readings), the beer was absolutey perfect. It was light and refreshing, and extremely hoppy. The hops contributed by the Citra hops are wonderful. My only hope is that the floral notes manage to hang tight for the additional two weeks of bottle conditioning.

The Verdict

It’s pretty good. It’s light, crisp, and hoppy. Sessions may be my favorite style of beer at the moment – with citra hops my favorite hops of the moment.

Enjoy by!
Enjoy by!

Because hops are the defining ingredient in this brew – and because they are so ephemeral – I labeled the bottled with a drink date: the ideal date at which to drink the beer. I think this may be standard practice on an hop-centric beers. This is much like Stone’s Enjoy By series.

Citra Session IPA #2?

I’d like to do a second iteration – playing around with the hops. The hops, after all, are what make this beer special. I’d like add a smidge more for dry-hopping – as well as put some hops in the first wort. At this point, I already have a second recipe ready to rock which not only incorporates the thoughts just mentioned but also considers my updated notes on efficiency.

The Recipe