Mint Coffee Brown #2

This is my second attempt at a mint coffee beer. You can read about the first attempt here. After deciding that the first beer was decent, but needed more mint, it was time to give another go.

Bottling Update: 2-13-14

Mint extract was used here. One teaspoon went into the sanitized (i.e. boiled) coffee and priming sugar – which went into the bottling bucket (which was actually another carboy) before the beer was racked into it. (You can learn more about this technique here.) Sampling the flat beer, I think I would have liked to try still more mint. The flat beer was sampled was not nearly as a good as a similar brown ale with coffee alone (i.e. not mint extract was added). However, it’s still too early to judge the beer – that can only be done a couple weeks out after it has been bottled conditioned.

Complete fermentation.
Complete fermentation.

Fermentation was complete – this is despite miscalculating (to a lower efficiency), ending up with a higher gravity beer than anticipated. This puts the actual beer in the fermenter at an ABV of almost 8% (7.7%). After adding the coffee, (which essentially diluted the beer), the final product will be around 6% ABV.

The Verdict

This beer is pretty perfect. It’s got just the right amount of coffee and right amount of mint. I think this recipe doesn’t need any iterations. That is, unless of course I made a milk stout iteration of this. Ok, will do.

The Recipe