Apple Wood Wheat

The Idea

A high ABV with which to suck out the flavor of some apple wood chips.


I lost a lot of water in this round of brewing – perhaps because I mashed the barely and wheat for too long. The effect was more opportunity for evaporation. As such, the pot was substantially lighter and the fermenter was particularly emptier. That’s not all terrible. The good news is that I’m likely not looking at a lot of blow off going through the airlock at the top. Whatsmore, I can always add water to the bottling bucket or secondary fermentor.

That's a new record for original gravity.
That’s a new record for original gravity.

Racking to Secondary – 2/24/16

Like the first wood chip experiment, I’ll be adding apple wood chips to the secondary. I’m toasting 1 oz of apple wood chips – both to sanitize them and to impart a different flavor than untoasted chips. Don’t try this at home.

The Verdict

The idea was to get woody notes from the apple wood chips into the beer. The would be accomplished by letting a high ABV beer sit with wood chips for sometime. Unfortunately, I don’t think it worked. Perhaps I need the wood chips to sit in with the beer for a few months and not a couple weeks. The beer turned out to be a decent Belgian Quad – if you’re into that sort of thing (which I’m not). So, were I to do this again, I’d likely do a different style of beer and let the wood chips sit in with the beer for a longer amount of time.

The Recipe