Cashew Butter for your Freedom?

When I was kid, my parents would take their car to the car wash pretty regularly. And being young kids, they couldn’t just leave us at home. So, they took us with them. Of course, as kids, you’re easily entertained. So, we’d wonder the convenience store at the car wash seeking that entertainment.

One thing that drove us absolutely giddy was a fortune-telling machine. The machine would repeat over and over again the same sales pitch: Continue reading “Cashew Butter for your Freedom?”

One Thing a Day

New project: I’m going to list one thing for sale a day. Right now, I’ve got a handful of stuff on Craigslist for sale. I figure that I’ve just got too much stuff – so I want to get rid of some of it. Maybe I can even monetize it!

One thing a day! Getting rid of stuff will help me have more money, more space, more freedom, more flexibility.

I’m dreading the day we have to move. We just have so much junk.

So, that’s it: one thing a day is being listed for sale. Hooray!

It’s About the Process

I was listening to a Financial Mentor podcast recently. (I’m remorseful that I can’t link the exact episode because I can’t remember which episode it was.) The guest – as well as the host Todd Tresidder – were in agreement about the importance of the process – and not the end goal. (For Todd, the process is about building wealth.) And I couldn’t agree more about the importance of the process. That’s because focusing Continue reading “It’s About the Process”