Cascade Session

The inspiration for this recipe comes from the Sierra Nevada brewery, who during my colleges days, made some of the best beer around. Sierra Nevada hops of choice is cascade hops, imparting a grapefruit flavor to many of its beer. While Sierra Neveda’s beer are indeed hoppy (and perhaps some of the hoppiest beers around in my college days), they are also malty. Sometimes though, you just want the bite of hops, without the malt. Enter the brainchild of this recipe: the Cascade Session. The goal is get everything we can that is Cascade – to create a beer that embodies the grapefruitness of cascade without too much accompany malt.

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Thai Basil Rye IPA w/o Basil Extract

This is our second attempt at a India Pale Ale complimented by the notes of basil. Our first go on this recipe – although slightly different – left us with some basil notes that quickly faded over time. So, to create a basil IPA with some basil flavor to stick around just a little bit longer, we’re trying something new: adding basil extract to the beer at bottling. Continue reading “Thai Basil Rye IPA w/o Basil Extract”