What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Peter Drucker said it. And he’s right.

What gets measured, gets improved.

Our spending is a great example of this. I measured our spending. And it didn’t sit well with me. As such, I’m putting multiple strategies into place to lower our spending.

So, let’s take this idea of measuring stuff for the purpose of improving our lives and apply to a few other places.


If you know me, you know that my weight tends to fluctuate widely depending upon whatever regimen I’m on – be that regimen cycling 100 miles a week, or striving to make weight for a jiu-jitsu tournament. With no particular goal at the moment – save improving at jiu-jitsu and generally not being fat – I’m not super excited about my current weight. It’s OK – but there’s room for improvement.

Enter the ruler. Or in this case, the scale. I will take to weighing myself every morning – after the morning evacuation – but before drinking any water.

I did the same when I was striving to make weight for the jiu-jitsu tournament in January. It worked. Not only did I make weight, but I could have probably weighed a few more pounds at the competition. Weighing myself was so effective, that I lost too much weight for the tournament!

Side note: Being slightly underweight for the tournament explains why I performed so poorly at the competition. It’s because I was underweight for my weight class. Just kidding! The real reason I lost – IN THE FIRST ROUND – is because I suck at jiu-jitsu.

In short, you can’t possibly weight yourself every day and not make a change. It’s completely impossible.

So, morning weigh-ins it is! I’ll be keeping track of my weight by not only weighing myself, but writing it down in a handy bed-side journal.

I weighed 176 lbs for the tournament in January – and that was pretty great.  I wouldn’t mind being one more pound over that. Sunday (the day of this writing) is the first day I’m putting in this new process. I weighed 179.1 lbs today (Sunday).  Losing two pounds is an easy goal. I’m looking forward to achieving that soon.

Titanium Bulletproof Cocktail by Dave Ferriss Four Hours Long

I’ve been drinking a morning cocktail of coffee, cinnamon, butter, and coconut oil most mornings. (It’s a mod of Ferriss’s breakfast drink.) If I drink this all day, I can go without food for most of the day – only eating at night (like a vampire). This feeding schedule is convenient. This is because (for me) having to stop to think about food during the day can get annoying/distracting.

Unfortunately for me, I always manage to put too much butter and/or too much coconut oil into the mix. This makes it hard to get through the drink – because it’s so rich, thick, and appetite-suppressing. The result is consuming too much fat, and not enough caffeine. This is a problem because I love caffeine. I need it in a bad way.

Enter the ruler!

The bulletproof website suggests two tablespoons of their over-priced, proprietary coconut oil, and one to two tablespoons of grass-fed butter. So, let’s start there as a benchmark.

  • Two One-half tablespoons of coconut oil, purchased from Costco at a great price!

(If you think I’m going to pay for Asprey’s over-priced filtered coconut oil, you’ve lost your mind.)

  • One-half tablespoon of grass-fed butter

Over-time, I’ll tweak this recipe. But for now, I will literally be measuring something – where before I was not. And if it gets measured, it’ll get improved.

UPDATE: I think one tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon coconut oil may be the perfect balance for a 10 ounce serving of coffee.