Focus on the Big Stuff

My brain is small. Super small. I can only handle a little bit of information at a time. Fortunately, if I am able to focus on just one thing, I manage to do a decent job at that one thing.

I can only successfully master a few things at a time. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on those things that will have the biggest impact. Said more simply:

Focus on the big stuff.

Let’s apply this approach to spending. After you’ve tracked your spending, look at it. Then, look at the biggest numbers. Then, figure out how to make those numbers smaller.

Our Biggest Numbers

At the risk of being repetitive, our biggest numbers come from the categories of:

  • Housing
  • Taxes
  • Fun!

I’ve already put a plan in place to decrease taxes. For now, our housing plans are on hold until our companies move offices. Once that happens, we can re-evaluate this line item. i.e. does it make sense to move?

That leaves the category of Fun! For our household, this is a giant line item – comparable in size to taxes and housing.

As of this new journey, we’ve dedicated ourselves to minimizing this line item. I’ll be interesting to see how this line changes over time.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Given that the brain has limited power, it makes sense that since you’re focusing on the big stuff – you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff – like a short-term increase in the price of your gym membership. Time and energy spent on minimizing small expenses mean that same time and energy aren’t spent on minimizing small expenses.

Just like it makes sense to spend money wisely, it makes sense to spend time and energy wisely. Use your limited time and brain power wisely: focus on the big stuff to make the biggest impact.