I Can, I Will

My words create my world.

It’s a pretty simple idea. If I believe something, it’s true enough for me – and it can dictate my future.

But, enough with the abstractions. Let’s put some real-life examples to work.

I’m terrible at sales.

I’m guilty of making this comment often. But, here’s the problem. I’m only as bad at sales as I believe I am – at least up to a point. If I genuinely believe that I’m a terrible salesman doomed to failure – then guess what? Then I will be a terrible salesman. Of course, this doesn’t apply to sales. It applies to everything else in life.

I Can’t Save Money Because Bullshit

I hear this


I can’t save money because my wife/girlfrined <insert unfounded bullshit here>.

The same people saying they can’t save money because of their significant other are the same people that are:

  • buying a brand new Mercedes, shortly trading that in for a brand new BMW, and then trading that in to lease a brand new Infiniti
  • putting $1,000 down to reserve themselves a Tesla Model 3
  • financing a used a F-150 to the tune of $700+month payments – but only after putting on rims, tires, a lift kit and who knows what else
  • choosing a new hobby that requires a huge capital outlay – after doing the exact the same thing for countless other hobbies

Of course, if you’ve got progeny, why blame your spouse when you can blame your kids? After all, kids are much less likely to argue against you on their own behalf. That is, a kid can’t as easily articulate that’s it’s not their mere existent that is causing you spend so much money as much as it is your own general ineptitude.

But, at the end of the day, I fucking doubt it. Kids are like any other expenditure. You can spend a lot on it – or you can be smart about it. (Frugalwoods makes this point all day long.)

Let’s take this example to an extreme:

I can’t save money because I have to eat.

Right. But you do you have to eat at 5-star restaurants every meal? No, you can cook rice and beans at home. Kids are not any different. Whatever bullshit you’re spending on as an excuse of having kids (because you are lazy), there is also a way not to spend money. Where there is a will – there is a way.

I Can’t Do X Because Bullshit

If you think you can’t do something – like anything – it’s probably bullshit. For example, consider a gentleman who lost one arm and two legs yet still manages to drive a motorcycle.

But, more importantly, in saying that you can’t do something, you’ve just created your own reality.

If I think I can’t run a marathon because I’ll just get injured again five miles into training like last time, then guess what? I’m never going to run a marathon.

Quitting is for Quitters

I’ve got a buddy who started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shortly after I started training for it. A while back, I asked him how his training was going? He said he quit because he wasn’t improving.

The absurdity of this ridiculous. Of course, you aren’t going to get any better when you quit!

. . .

This post was part rant, part life-coaching. But, here’s the takeaway:

Your words create your world.

Whether you think you can or can’t do something, you are absolutely right.