June 2018 Spending!

I really like this series of posts because it gives me a reason to dig even further into our spending habits. Let’s a take a look at June 2018, shall we? Yes! Let’s do eet!

Monthly Spending

The weird thing about monthly spending – weird for me anyway – is the presence of those annual expenses. Car insurance – at $1,000/year – is an example of this. So, doing a month-by-month comparison only applies to some categories. Let’s look at all the categories now.

 Category  Jun-18  2018 YTD/mo  2017/mo
 Home Ownership                        (171)                (1,456)
 Fun!                      (46)                        (906)                (1,273)
 Work                    (264)                        (110)                    (801)
 Medical                    (122)                        (277)                    (728)
 Groceries & Household Goods                    (307)                        (257)                    (614)
 Unknown & Misc.                    (193)                        (108)                    (453)
 Transportation                    (269)                        (164)                    (350)
 Exercise                    (224)                        (226)                    (157)
 Pooper                          –                          (23)                    (151)
 Utilities                    (195)                        (138)                    (148)
 Insurance                      (11)                        (235)                    (148)
 Clothing                      (18)                          (28)                      (57)
 Total                (1,648)                    (2,642)                (6,337)


The problem with the fun category is that the vacation spending comes in waves. So, let’s ignore that category for now.


Higher than YTD for 2018, but still less than 2017. If I remember the timing on this one correctly, I was front-loading several conference fees since we got a new credit card. I don’t anticipate much in the way of spending on conferences in the coming months. October, however, is conference season. That’ll mean some more spending in this category.

Groceries & Household Goods

We’re at 50% of our 2017 figures. So, that’s fantastic. If this rate keeps up, that means saving an extra three thousand dollars a year. That’s real money.

A lot of this has been me buying less beer – and generally being super picky about shopping. Chicken is on the menu a lot (as opposed to beef) – especially if it means getting Von’s loss leader for the week.

. . .

That’s it for now. July will be painful – as we scrambled to front-load expenses – especially on gift cards – in order to meet credit card minimum spend. Pray for us!