Congratulations! You’ve Expended your Life Force!

The wife and I are about to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives: a one-year sabbatical to travel Central America. We’ll be driving the middle of the Americas in what will be our home for the time: a class B RV. So, we’ve been shopping for just that.

Of course, I’ve shared with a few others our plans – and with this blog post, the whole world. (If you want to follow along on our adventures, check out Similarly, I’ve mentioned to a couple people that we’ll be buying a new vehicle. And the response I’ve gotten – while conventional – is exceptionally puzzling: Continue reading “Congratulations! You’ve Expended your Life Force!”

Hitting the Reset Button on Lifestyle Inflation

There was a time – not too long ago – when our housing expenses tallied somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 month. We lived in a tiny 400ish square foot cottage in Los Feliz – built originally in the 1920s. It was more or less a studio. Rent itself was a little over $850. The $1,000/month includes utilities and renter’s insurance. That was a pretty good set up.

And then we moved. Continue reading “Hitting the Reset Button on Lifestyle Inflation”