This is Why We Save Money

Our one-year sabbatical adventure is getting closer. Naturally, we are deep in the planning stages of this trip. An integral part of the preparation is securing a van for our trip. Finding a reasonably-priced van has not been easy. That’s because we (I?) am insistent on getting a good deal. And as you may know, finds a good deal takes

  • time and,
  • energy.

To find a reasonably-priced van, one must firstly research the market to determine what exactly a good price is. Secondly, one must stay on top of the used van market to wait for that good deal to pop up.

These things take time! Unfortunately, time is a luxury we may not necessarily be able to afford. (We have a departure date of next month.) And since we do not have infinite time, we, fortunately, have a little bit of money.

Spending more money than necessary (given our time shortage) means that we may not necessarily be getting the best deal (on what is not a small purchase). Fortunately, it’s going to be OK. That’s because we have a little bit of money.

Side note: We’re not getting a terrible deal either. Of course, we’re still buying used. And the purchase price we’re looking at is in lines with whats on Kelly Blue Book. But, that’s not to say that I couldn’t find a better deal haggling via a private party – if we had more time.

This is Why We Save Money

Being thrifty, fortunately, gives us the option to spend a little more when spending less isn’t an option. If we spend less when it’s possible to spend less, we can spend more when we don’t have the choice – when our only option is to spend more. That’s a lot better position to be in than spending more when we could otherwise save money¬†and not being able to spend more money when we have to.

Yes, saving money, being frugal, pays off is in spades. Saving money – even when you don’t have to – lets you spend money you absolutely must. Saving money offers you freedom, flexibility, and choices. That’s why we do it.